26 - 29 November 2018 | 11:00 - 19:00 Daily DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE

102 NONGDARI-RO, 27866
South Korea

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We, KORINA CO., LTD as a leading supplier of stainless steel sink in Korea, have made for creating the best quality of kitchen life style with producing the high quality kitchenware by the newest facilities and advanced technology.     We KORINA SINK offer an excellent selection of Stainless Steel Sinks which are durable and feature various functions. Our steel sink resists scratching, staining, and damage from ACID, ALKALI, Sink bowl is larger and deeper than other company product. Large and deep bowls are available to treat with much water and prevent spraying of water. It can maintain timeless beauty and elegance. Rounded corners are easier to clean and improve draining. Our sink makes people to have convenience, pleasure in the Kitchen.

  • HJIS 850P (850X515) - S/S SINK
  • LSD 1200 (1200X600) - S/S SINK
  • JS 1200 (1200X600) - S/S SINK
  • ISD 870 (870X480) - S/S SINK
  • KSS 780 (780X480) - S/S SINK